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The mission of the Hope House is to provide a safe environment, positive support and advocacy for homeless men, women, and families on their path to self-sufficiency.

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Can you imagine going blind? It is hard to fathom for most that one of the very senses we all rely on so heavily would start to escape us in our 40s. 

A pastry chef. A world traveler. A kind soul. 

He was losing his sight. He went to specialist only to have the worst outcome. A procedure made things worse. His vision did not get better… 

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I will never forget the day or the look on either of the women’s faces as they walked through the front door of the Hope House. One was homeless, and one was an advocate. 

The homeless woman I quickly found out was a mother who lost everything, including her children (three beautiful girls), a home, a car, a relationship, and more. The advocate I would learn was beating down doors and ripping at barriers…

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In July, unbeknownst to us, the house we were renting was sold. In August, we received notice that the new property owner was not going to renew our lease and we had 30 days to vacate. We were not financially prepared to find a new house.

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Faces Of The Hope House + Thrift Store Team


These are the faces you’ll see every day at the Hope House and Thrift Store. You’ll find them stocking shelves, helping the homeless get back on their feet, and working with community leaders to help raise awareness to the needs of the Hope House.

We are in need of a few items to help us serve our clients. If you are able to donate the following items, please call Andrea at (317)467-4991.

Twin XL Comforters

Twin XL Sheets

Full Size Shower Towels

55 Gallon Trash Bags

Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

Laundry Soap (Liquid or Pods)

Postage Stamps

Printer Paper




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